Prayer box at St Joseph Catholic church in Billings MO

Weekly prayer requests

Mass Intentions for April 30-May 5, 2024

8:00 am
+Lou CheekSat 4:00 pm+Herman Breier & +Jeff Verfurth
6:30 pm
Benny Waller Family IntentionsSun 8:00 am+Raymond Wrobleski & +Sue Jones
8:00 am
+Jewel Wolf  

    Special Prayer Intentions

    Gertie Dickman, Monroe Young, Lillian Burks, Helen Owens, Mercede Shaner, Dana Conyer, Denny Monnig, Daniel Verfurth, Patty Bond, Matt Schneider, Jill Mitchell, Jerry Odom, Jack Morlan, Gail Hulsizer, Teresa Martinez, Kay (Grogan) Vagher, Benjamin Waller, Shaylynn Boyd, Matthew Bryant, Mary Smith, Ramona Kozemczak, Rand Lange, Jerry Houser, Warren Upchurch, Bernie Fabro, Woodson Bobbitt, Linda Johnson, Susan Henricks, Delores Langley, Don Clutter, Warren Williams Family, Becky Benson Carrol, Mary Smith, Ressie Williams, Charlene Phibbs, Jerri Mehl, Frank Urban, Ty Laney, Wayne Harter, Ed & Barbara Zahner, Ron Cafourek, Heidi Carpenter, Dale Lear, Steve Netzer, Jean Hendricks, Joe Elwood, Halbert Family, Megan Coleman, Rosemarie Hunt, end to abortion & infanticide, all caregivers, all  intentions.

    We also remember in prayer those of our parish family who are battling chronic illnesses and those who are homebound and no longer able to attend Mass due to present health concerns.

    Pray for our country, our military, and their families

    Stateside Military: Jason Boyer, Kirsten Davis, Chelsey Greco, Alex Stimpson, Clayton Taylor, Elaina Wetz, Austin Williams. Overseas Military: Tristan Greco

    Prayer Intercessors: Gail 417-493-5052, Mary 417-619-1611, Judy 417-744-4430, Sharon 417-695-2207

    Prayer list updates: Please contact the parish office when you or someone you know would like to be added to the bulletin Prayer List. We are happy to add names as needed, and only ask that you keep us updated when those names should be removed. We try to leave them on for three
    months only, but will certainly continue to list them as needed.

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