Weekly Inspiration by Fr. Sugu

We will be restless until we are united in our Christ, our King.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe – Year C

God is wonderfully and surprisingly creative! He turns the tables on our understanding of what it means to be king by sending us a king who embraces poverty, insults, suffering, ridicule, rejection, and even death.  This is our king, Jesus is not the king of prestige or grandeur but the king who brings light to darkness, hope to despair, sinners to mercy, and new life out of death.

God dances on, around in and through all the stillness and ugliness of the world bringing all of creation to the eternal dance of new life and hope. Whether we accept it now or hope that we one day do, Christ is king of the universe. Christ is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.

Every human being, even those who scorned and rejected him and failed to see him in the least of our brothers and sisters will look upon him. Only those who understand truth will understand that we are on this awesome universal journey to Christ. It is a journey of surprises but also a journey of enlightenment when we will one day see and experience with the deepest joy our being in Christ. We will be restless until we are all one day together united in our Christ, our King.

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