Weekly Inspiration by Fr. Sugu

We must remain ready and vigilant.

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C

Jesus assures us that the world, as we know it, will one day come to an end.  When will this be?  In one sense, having an answer to that question really does not matter.  Faith is faith and either we have it or we do not.  Secure in that faith, we know that when one thing ends,  another begins.  In the meantime, we are asked to persevere and remain strong through all of life’s inevitable challenges and obstacles.  What we see and experience as we journey to the day when all is one in Christ, may cause our faith to be shaken and tested.  Trust and endurance are what are needed as world events unfold.  Even though life can be uncertain and terrifying at times, faithful people will be protected.  It does not matter what day or hour the end will come.  We must remain ready and vigilant anyway.

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