Bible, catechism, and a book of saint stories Markerboard in a PSR classroom at St Joseph Catholic church in Billings MO

Upcoming Parish Events

Apr 27-28Both Masses2nd Collection: Home Missions
April 288:00 am 6:00 pmGraduating Senior Blessing Men’s Club Meeting
May 16:00 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pmYouth Group Gathering First Wednesday Mass Adoration/Reconciliation
May 410:00 amFirst Saturday Rosary
May 4 & 5Both MassesDDF Pledge Weekend 2nd Collection: St. Joseph Food Pantry
May 58:00 am 9:10 amMay Crowning Last PSR Class & Student Blessing
May 86:00 pm 7:00 pmYouth Group Gathering Adoration/Reconciliation
May 117:30 am 4:00 pmSt. Joseph Pantry Day Mother’s Day Blessing
May 11 & 12Both MassesMother’s Day Blessing 2nd Collection:  Maintenance Reserve Fund
May 121:30 pmSt. Joseph Pantry Meeting
May 157:00 pmAdoration/Reconciliation Fr. Sugu’s Ordination Anniversary
May 20-31 Fr. Sugu away from the parish.
May 227:00 pmNo Adoration this day.
May 259:00 amPCCW Meeting
May 25 & 26Both MassesMission Appeal Weekend

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