Bible, catechism, and a book of saint stories Markerboard in a PSR classroom at St Joseph Catholic church in Billings MO

Upcoming Parish Events

    To suggest more items for the calendar, please contact the parish office.

    Mar 210:00 am 4:00 pmFirst Saturday Rosary RCIA Presentation of the Creed
    2 & 3
    Both Masses2nd Collection: St. Joseph Food Pantry
    Mar 56:00 pmFlocknote Training for Ministry Leaders
    Mar 66:00 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pmYouth Group Gathering First Wednesday Mass Adoration/Reconciliation
    Mar 87:00 pmStations of the Cross
    Mar 97:30 amSt. Joseph Food Pantry Day
    9 & 10
    Both Masses2nd Collection: Maintenance Reserve Fund
    Mar 101:00-2:00 pm 1:30 pmEucharistic Pilgrimage Adoration St. Joseph Pantry Meeting Daylight Saving Time Begins
    Mar 136:00 pm 7:00 pmYouth Group Gathering No Adoration/Reconciliation this day.
    Mar 155:00-7:00 pm 7:00 pmMen’s Club Lenten Fish Fry #2 Stations of the Cross
    16 & 17
    Both Masses2nd Collection:  Catholic Relief Services
    Mar 178:00 am 9:00 am 4:00 pmRCIA Presentation of the Lord’s Prayer Feast of St. Joseph Parish Brunch Communal Penance Service
    Mar 196:30 pmPastoral Council Meeting
    Mar 206:00 pm 7:00 pmYouth Group Gathering Adoration/Reconciliation
    Mar 227:00 pmStations of the Cross

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