Weekly Inspiration by Fr. Sugu

Stop complaining about what you don’t have.

Third Sunday of Advent – Year A

We can often feel parched, desolate, lifeless, and dark.  Even though we still engage in the business and demands of life, we find ourselves somewhat detached, disengaged, and removed.  We lack joy, wonder, awe, and zest.  Rather than being an experience of freedom and excitement, life holds us captive.  We are tethered to systems, agendas, protocols, regulations, and expectations that go against the grain of what it means to be God’s child.  We find ourselves in a desert. 

Jesus came to release us from all of this negativity and desolation.  John the Baptist announced the arrival of the One who embodies healing, reconciliation, freedom, and life.  Stop complaining about what you don’t have.  Prepare for the arrival of the remedy to life’s despair.  Be strong, fear not!  Christ will save us from life’s distortions, illusions, and disappointments.  Be patient.  With proper time and care, all will be well.

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