Sacramental Life

Mass Schedule:
Sunday 8:00 am
Saturday Vigil 4:00 pm
Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 am
1st Wednesday of the Month 6:30 pm
Mass Readings

Wednesday 7:00 – 8:00 pm
And by request Monday – Thursday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Saturday 3:00 – 3:45 pm
Wednesday 7:15 – 7:45 pm
and by appointment

Anointing, Baptism, and House Blessings: Contact the parish office to schedule.

Marriage: Please contact the parish office at least ten months before the possible date.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

When & where: Classes meet Wednesday from 6:00 to 8:30 pm late August-May, in the RCIA classroom in the Parish Hall. Classes are free of charge.

Are you thinking about becoming Catholic? Or perhaps returning to the Church after an absence? The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process of discernment and learning in preparation for possible entry into full communion within the Catholic Church. The process explores the meaning of faith, Catholic teachings and discovers what it means to be a Catholic Christian. It offers a chance to ask questions, acquire information, share, learn and grow.  The process helps seekers to discern whether or not God is calling them to become Catholic.  Those who complete the process celebrate the Sacraments of Baptism (if needed), First Eucharist, and Confirmation at the Easter Vigil.

RCIA Class of 2024 with Bishop Rice at the Rite of Election

RCIA is for adults/young adults:

  • Who have never been baptized
  • Who have been baptized in other faith traditions
  • Who have not completed the sacraments of initiation (Eucharist, Confirmation)
  • Who have been away from the Catholic Church and would like to be updated on Church teaching.

Leadership: Teresa Hanafin, RCIA Director.

If you are interested in becoming Catholic or would like more information, please email Teresa Hanafin at or contact the parish office to request a registration form.

Sunday School: Parish School Of Religion (PSR)

Supporting the emotional, spiritual, and physical development of our youth.

When & where: Classes meet Sunday mornings from 9:10 to 10:30 am, September-May, in the Parish Hall classrooms. We have classroom instruction for the first hour, then we walk to the Church for communal prayer and music.

The bishops of the United States tell us that: “Though the influence of peers and of adult catechists is important, catechetical programs are not intended to supplant parents as the primary educators of their children.”  For this reason, our PSR is specifically designed to minister to and with parents as they strive to fulfill their important mission of bring up their children in the Catholic faith.

St. Joseph is committed to offering a strong religious education program for all parish families.  The primary focus of the PSR program is to assist parents in their role as the primary religious educators and formation classes for children from preschool (age 3) through the 12th grade.

Our program strives to teach the history and basic teachings of the Roman Catholic Church as well as the person, message, and mission of Jesus Christ.  PSR students grow in their ability to recognize and respond to God’s revelation through studying the Bible, developing a sense of belonging to a faith community, and the ability to actively celebrate their faith.

Weekly lessons incorporate the teachings from the Sacred Scripture and our Sacred Traditions, as well as opportunities for prayer and reflection and integration into daily life.

Sacraments:  Preparation for the celebration of a sacrament begins long before the year in which the celebration actually takes place.  Children are expected to have a minimum of one year of formal faith formation prior to the year in which they plan to celebrate a sacrament.  During the year of a sacramental celebration, parents are expected to attend all parent meetings and children are expected to attend all children’s meetings, retreats, etc.

  • First Reconciliation/First Communion:  2nd Grade.
  • Confirmation:  Junior High (Grades 7-9) – Our parish has Confirmation every three years.  Students wishing to be confirmed in 2024 must attend and participate in all activities during the 2023-2024 school year.

Register: All children pre-K (age 3) through 12th grade are invited. The registration fee is $15 per child or $25 per family. PSR Registration Day takes place on the Sunday before classes resume from 9:10 to 10:15 am. Parents may also register their child(ren) by contacting Sandra Crockett, the PSR Coordinator, or the Parish Office.

Leadership: Sandra Crockett, PSR Coordinator: 417-744-2490 ext 3.

Metanoia (Sunday morning adult faith formation)

When & where: Classes are Sunday mornings from 9:10 to 10:15 am, in the Parish Hall’s main room. There is no registration fee, but may be a nominal cost for books.

Who: All adults 18 years and older are invited. No prior registration is required.

What is Adult Faith Formation?

We seek to provide a welcoming atmosphere for Catholics and non-Catholics to learn their faith, while gaining support and friendship through fellowship. We use a wide variety of materials and programs to engage everyone and enrich our faith journey so we all may have a more intimate and meaningful relationship with Christ, which will help us on our way to being intentional disciples. 

Adult faith formation is the lifelong process of finding and falling in love with God in the midst of our human lives. Every one of us, by virtue of our Baptism, is on a life-long journey of faith. Consequently, adult faith formation has as its purpose to support, nourish, and challenge adults as they explore their faith, experience its power, and grow in relationship with God. Thus, we strive here at St. Joseph parish, to offer, plan, and implement a wide variety of faith-forming programs and opportunities for all adults.

How important is Adult Faith Formation?

Religious education is not just for children anymore. Adult faith formation is vital. According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ document, Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us:

“Adult faith formation, by which people consciously grow in the life of Christ through experience, reflection, prayer, and study, must be “the central task in [this] catechetical enterprise,” becoming “the axis around which revolves the catechesis of childhood and adolescence as well as that of old age.” (OHWB #5)

In this document, the bishops renewed a commitment to fostering faith formation for adults. Since we all are continually being formed in our faith as we walk our journeys of life, a renewed commitment to adult faith formation necessitates a need for quality programming and a variety of opportunities for all adults.

3 Goals of Adult Faith Formation

  1. Inviting and enabling ongoing conversion to Jesus in holiness of life:
    • helping adults acquire an attitude of conversion to the Lord
    • leading adults to repentance of sin, reconciliation through the sacraments and deepening faith in Jesus
  2. Promoting and supporting active membership in the Christian community:
    • helping adults make a conscious and firm decision to live the faith through membership in the Christian community
    • inviting and supporting baptized adults in their co-responsibility for the Church’s mission and life
  3. Calling and preparing adults to act as disciples in mission to the world
    • inviting baptized adults to evangelization and justice in the world

Leadership: Paula Foster, Adult Education Coordinator

Youth Group

Students in grades 9th through 12 meet for prayer, faith sharing, and socializing. Volunteers support our youth by helping provide spiritual, social, and service opportunities within the parish. Activities include pizza parties, game nights, retreats, and field trips.

Men’s Club

When & where: Meetings are on the last Sunday of the month at 6 pm, in the Parish Hall. Annual dues are $25.

Meetings begin with the Rosary, followed by a homemade meal, then the business meeting and social time. All men of the parish, 18 years and older, are considered members of the Men’s Club. To become an active member, you simply must attend a meeting or volunteer to participate in one of their many activities.


  1. Gerald Griffin, President
  2. Chris Strobach, Vice-President
  3. Chad Griffin, Treasurer

Parish Council Of Catholic Women (PCCW)

When & where: Meetings are on the last Saturday of the month at 9 am, in the Parish Hall. Annual dues are $10.

The purpose of PCCW is to develop spirituality, encourage fellowship, and foster leadership among the women in our parish, region, and diocese. PCCW is a spiritual and service organization comprised of all adult women of the parish. PCCW serves the parish and community on several levels from coordinating bereavement meals to parish celebrations and various receptions.  We welcome and encourage all women of the parish to become active participants in the parish PCCW. PCCW events are announced in the weekly bulletin.

The St Joseph PCCW encourages all the ladies, 18 years and older, of the parish to join and become an integral part of the parish family. It kindles friendships that last and helps bring ladies together for common concerns. The local PCCW is part of larger organization of district and national PCCW’s.   Most encounters at St Joseph can find the PCCW involved in some way. We provide coffee and donuts between the 8 and 10:30 masses for means of fellowship – for the PSR kids, the adult education participants as well as anyone who just would like to sit and talk and meet others. We provide baskets for homebound at Christmas – the Senior Citizen’s Christmas dinner – Sister’s Thanksgiving food shower -have organized school supply needs for Billings kids at beginning of new school year – bereavement meals for families of deceased parishioners – priest dinner at penance services – Easter vigil reception for new parish family members – Confirmation dinner for those newly confirmed –  first Holy Communion reception for those as well – have participated in community trunk-or-treat – soup suppers – participate at Billings Fair with Cake walk – most recently provided lite lunch for participants at Synod on Synodality.  Have had welcoming brunch for ladies of the parish to offer a meet & greet to encourage participation. We want to encounter Jesus with all we do and with all those we meet. We come together to share our daily lives, concerns, joys  and prayers as we share ourselves with each other – as we look out for each other as Jesus wants us to do.  PCCW is also represented as part of the St Joseph Pastoral Council to participate in the newly updated norms.

All women of the parish, 18 years and older, are considered members of the PCCW. To become an active member, you simply must attend a meeting or volunteer to participate in one of their many activities.

Leadership: Bobbie Emery, President

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council, together with the pastor, is concerned with the total mission of the parish, including its spiritual, educational, and temporal needs. It is an advisory board responsible to the pastor. 

Parish Pastoral Council members are elected by parishioners to serve a three-year term.  Ex-officio members also attend meetings.  Meetings are generally open and parishioners are welcome to attend.  However, when necessary, the pastoral council may go into executive session to discuss sensitive matters. 

Our parish community believes that when faced with a major parish issue or concern, all members of the parish should be provided with an opportunity to learn more about the concern and have an opportunity to share with parish leaders, their reactions and suggestions for dealing with it. General observers are not allowed to participate in discussions unless it is something that they have asked to address on the formal agenda.

When & where: Meetings are the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm, in the Parish Hall’s main room


  • Kim Brayman, President
  • Janice Fabro, Vice-President
  • Members:  Bryan Crockett, Julie Gregg, Teresa Hart, Bonnie King, Anita Moots, Shelby Wilson, Paula Wright

Finance Committee

Finance Committee

The Pastor and the Finance Committee set the annual parish budget.  Meeting regularly, the group also monitors cash flow and financial activities by reviewing financial reports.  The Finance Committee is also called on to approve major expenditures and to assist with special projects.

The Finance Committee meets on a quarterly basis and discusses the finances of the parish. The Finance Committee prepares an annual budget and compares the budget to actual activity at the quarterly meetings. They also review the needs for maintenance, equipment, spending for parish programs, and other needs of the parish as they monitor parish cash reserves. The Committee also reviews the annual required financial reports to the Diocese. The Finance Committee strives to be good stewards of the cash reserves of the parish. Bids are obtained for larger anticipated expenses. They meet emergency needs first and work out timelines for special projects and other needs of the parish.

St. Joseph Food Pantry

The St. Joseph Food Pantry is a network of friends, inspired by Gospel values, growing in holiness and building a more just world through personal relationships with and service to people in need. Our chapter operates a food pantry located at 321 NW Washington Avenue on the north side of the parish parking lot.

The St. Joseph Food Pantry serves families in need in the Clever and Billings school districts.

Donations: If you would like to donate food or diapers, please contact the parish office to make an appointment with a St. Joseph Food Pantry volunteer. Please note: Food donations may not be homemade or expired. They will schedule a time to drop off the donations. You can also make a financial donate with our online giving platform. Simply select “St. Joseph Food Pantry” in the “Fund” menu.

Volunteers box the food and load it into the vehicles for each client.  We receive most of the food through Ozarks Food Harvest, Apple Market, Kum and Go, local food drives and the government program TEFAP.  The St. Joseph Food Pantry is funded by the support of the St. Joseph’s parish family through a monthly special collection and also by supportive local churches, businesses, and private individuals. The St. Joseph Food Pantry strives to provide nutritious food for each client while being aware of any dietary limitations such as sugar, salt or nut allergies.  Additional assistance offered by St. Joseph Food Pantry—in partnership with the Billings Ministerial Alliance—includes emergency housing rent and deposits, utility bills, and fuel for medical treatment.  This assistance is evaluated and provided on an individual, special needs basis. 

When & where: The food pantry is open for distribution on the second Saturday of the month from 7:30 to 10 am. Business meetings are held on the Sunday following Pantry Day at 1:30 pm.

Leadership: Joe Sciarrino, President; Joe Noviello, Vice-President; Kim Brayman, Treasurer; Bryan & Sandra Crockett, Secretaries; Christine Williams, Assistance Request Coordinator; Ed Amass, Logistics Coordinator; Marla Underwood, Charity Tracker Specialist  

For more information on how to volunteer or request assistance, contact Christine Williams at 417-849-2486.

Music Ministry

Over the years, we have learned that how we participate in the Liturgy matters. We use our gifts to the best of our abilities, but music is ultimately not about us as individuals. It’s how the Holy Spirit works through us to bring the congregation closer to God.

Being in a liturgical musician’s role is a calling to help the gathered assembly participate and grow in a relationship with God. That is very important once we put it into that perspective. God calls us to be followers and disciples of His word and what a beautiful way for those who are chosen to share this gift! It is not a performance, but a prayer that we make when we gather to sing.

Please consider sharing your talents – whether it is by voice or with an instrument – regardless of your knowledge of music. If you don’t read music, that is okay, we will learn together. If you do join us, be assured that this will lead you to full and active participation. It will enrich not only your life but other lives as well.

Sisters at Queen of Heaven Solitude (Evangelization)

Sisters at Queen of Heaven Solitude evangelizing door to door

Evangelization is reaching out to others and sharing your faith. It’s inviting them to come to Mass with you, become involved in the parish, or simply pray for themselves and others. It is not up to the clergy alone. Everyone can evangelize!

Sisters at Queen of Heaven Solitude carry out their mission of evangelization through direct door-to-door visits at each home in our parish.

  • We answer questions about the Catholic faith
  • We invite people to tour the church
  • We accompany them to Mass
  • We support the homebound
  • We provide ongoing adult education

Contact: (417) 744-2011, Website:


The Catholic Funeral Mass brings hope and consolation to the living. The Funeral Liturgy and the Rite of Committal ultimately serve to root the difficult experience of the death of a loved one in a Christian understanding of life, death, and what happens after death, focusing on both the person who has died and the people who have been left behind.

Cemetery: St. Joseph Cemetery is just a short two-minute drive (1.6 miles) from the parish. Learn more

Funeral Planning: The first step in planning a funeral is to contact a funeral home. The funeral home will coordinate with the parish office to plan the date and time.  The family will meet with the priest and office staff to discuss the details of the Mass.

Gravesites may be purchased by contacting Larry Fabro at 417-744-2490.

Thank you for your support!

This ministry is made possible by generations of generous supporters. Please consider making a financial donation. Our food pantry also accepts grocery and diaper donations to help those in need.