Gospel Meditation – Let it go. The Master has need of it.

April 2, 2023 — Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

What’s your car? Let’s say it’s a fancy silver Toyota. Now imagine you’re having lunch in a restaurant and suddenly see two men outside attempting to steal it. You run outside and confront them. They respond, “The master has need of it.” How do you respond? Would you just let them take it, and leave you without a car? I don’t think I would. 

Yet that is precisely what the owners of the colt on Palm Sunday do. Stunningly, and perhaps a little comically, Jesus instructs two of his disciples to commandeer a colt for him to ride. And when they hear the disciples say, “The master has need of it,” they let them take it. Of course, Jesus knew they’d let it go. He gave them the grace to let go of what is rightfully theirs. The result? That colt became perhaps the most famous and important animal ever. The beast plays a role in the redemption of the world. 

As Holy Week begins, Jesus perhaps will send people to you to ask for something valuable to you. Perhaps it’s your car. More likely it’s something like your attention, time, or energy. It’s natural to resist at first. We’ve got things to do, after all. But if the interruption is from Jesus himself, listen to that voice which calmly says, “The master has need of it.” And simply let it go. You’ll be amazed what the master will do with it.

— Father John Muir ©LPi

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