Weekly Inspiration by Fr. Sugu

Do Persistent Prayers Disturb God?

Does God finally answer our persistent prayers to stop us from bothering Him? 

The thought that persistent prayer can be disturbing or upsetting to God does not ring true with the images of God as compassionate, understanding, merciful, and loving that our tradition conveys.  Yet, Jesus tells his disciples to “pray always without becoming weary.” 

Maybe the type of prayer necessary to endure the trials of discipleship and the challenges and criticisms of Christian teaching goes beyond words. We need to tend to the realities of human life.  The persistent prayer of which Jesus speaks is the prayer of the heart.  This contemplative, silent, loving prayer gives us the vision to see God in all things, especially in each human soul. 

Desiring God alone and not only what we want God to do for us places this love relationship foremost in our minds, hearts, and souls.  As we breathe in and exhale out, the Divine Life flows.  This alone can provide the strength of endurance to confront anything contrary to the truth of faith.

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